About us

About Transam Industries

Transam Industries was founded in 2000 by a team of passionate imaging specialists. In the many years since then, we have delivered over 17 million high quality image products at competitive prices to customers worldwide, emerging as the No.1 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Converter in the Southeast Asia region. In spite of this, we constantly strive to provide better value to our customers.

What makes Transam Industries different?

A proven track record

For decades, thousands of satisfied customers all over the world have trusted us to achieve print perfection. In addition, we are registered as a trusted supplier (GEBiz) with the government of Singapore.

Precision manufacturing

Every ribbon that we produce is precision manufactured to the highest standards by our dedicated team of skilled operators with thousands of hours in experience. From tight tolerances with a full range of customisations, we will be able to fulfill all your thermal printing requirements.

Strategic location and tariff rate

Our strategic shipping location in Singapore means that we are able to get orders to you quickly. In addition, Singapore has forged an ever-growing network of 44 Free Trade Agreements with countries and trade alliances all over the world. What that means is that you won’t get bogged down by excessive tariffs when you order from us.