MICR Ribbons

Total Security

For decades, financial institutions have called on us to provide Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) solutions, used in the identification and processing of cheques. We spare no effort to source the finest materials in the manufacturing of these products, so you can be assured of fortress-like security when you choose Transam.

MICR Ribbons

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) ribbons are used to print security documents such as cheques, drafts and lottery tickets.

Transam MICR ribbons are guaranteed to produce print quality in accordance with Magnetic Ink Character Recognition US and Canadian bank standards as well as ISO1004, when used on suitable cheque paper and encoding equipment.

Our products are compatible with both E13B and CMC7 fonts, as well as additional security features such as Fluorescent and Indelible.

Our MICR ribbons are suitable for use with the most popular MICR printer brands, including: Fuji System, CTC-Checktech, Dimuken, Rototype, Troy, Unisys, Inotech MP, KDS, Walther, Autographic and TK.

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