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Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Cutting-edge print performance.

All Transam Thermal Transfer Ribbons are proudly made in Singapore and feature precision manufacturing to work seamlessly with all popular printer brands. Our ribbons are designed to work fuss-free and to deliver high image sharpness, superior optical density, fast print speeds and outstanding print durability under all conditions.

Unmatched Image Sharpness and Optical Density

Our ribbons will elevate your project experience by enhancing print quality across all print surfaces, every time. We do this by conducting stringent quality tests on our ribbons and selecting exactly the right ribbon for your project, a skill developed by over 20 years in operation, for customers all over the world.

Fast Print Speeds

Time is money. Don’t let inferior thermal ribbons be the weak link of your production line. We stress-test our ribbons to be able to run for long periods at both low and high print speeds, so your print line is never held up.

Unwavering print durability

When you print for mission-critical applications such as the medical and food industries, you cannot take chances with your print durability that can result in mass product recalls. Our ribbons will be able to withstand the demanding conditions your products experience.

Competitive pricing and custom specifications, with shorter lead times

Our competitive advantage as the largest ribbon converter in Southeast Asia means that we can accommodate any custom length/sizing/branding/you may require, while keeping to your cost requirements and delivering on time.

We offer the following three standard categories of Thermal Ribbons, in two grades: Premium and Performance. We carry dozens of top-notch materials in stock, to cater to every possible print requirement.

Wax Ribbons

Transam Wax Ribbons excel when matched with paper based materials while achieving high readability.

Ideal for use:

Wax/Resin Ribbons

Transam Wax/Resin Ribbons offer a high level of substrate versatility while ensuring durable printing from the production line till customer purchase.

Ideal for use:

Resin Ribbons

Transam Resin Ribbons are intended for use in the most demanding applications that require uncompromising durability, no matter the environment.

Ideal for use:

Quality ribbons for cutting edge

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